Privacy Policy

At Ushta Te consultancy services LLP, no information regarding the visitor on the website is collected and stored with us at Ushta Te.
We do collect Personally identifiable information in writing from individuals in accordance with General data protection regulation on alternate mediums. We support the data subjects to exercise their rights with respect to personally identifiable information.

What Data ?

With respect to the business Ushta Te has determined the following data that may be classified as personal data along with its scope and purpose of use.
ProcessType of Personal Data
Talent Acquisition & HR (Internal/ External)Personal Information related to Job Application (Name, Phone Number, Address, Resumes, Certificates, Aadhar etc.) Health certificate where relevant
Business DevelopmentClient Personal Data (Name/ Email)
ProjectsAs per Project Scope

How ?

USHTA TE ensures that all data subjects are provided with the opportunity to provide an explicit consent for management of their personal data. This is done during the initial engagement. Where the data is received through a primary controller (E.g. Naukri or Other Job Portals), USHTA TE ensures that an explicit Contract (or equivalent) is signed with the controller covering such requirements. In case any data subject refuses to provide the consent, USHTA TE exercise the best judgement in that case to process the data. The consent will be taken be taken from each subject. The consent template is provided in the documentation and may be changed to suit the requirements. Each consent is renewed in case of any change to the data All such consents are stored for minimum of 10 years post the completion of contract with the candidate or as per the defined requirements.

Who all ?

USHTA TE coordinates with their clients and other stakeholders (business partners or suppliers) to determine their processing activities for all personal data collected. Where required, this information is added to the consent to be taken from the person. Where-ever required, Ushta Te would follow clients guidelines / requirements while collecting and managing personal information on behalf of the respective client. It is ensured that all such data processing is lawful and as per the intended use.


Ushta Te may outsource work based on the need of business. Although due care is taken to ensure that data protection becomes integral to the contractual agreement. For all work that is outsourced, Non Disclosure/ Confidentiality agreements are signed with the vendor. They explicitly include the requirements of Data Protection. Where required Customer contract requirements are cascaded down till suppliers NDA/ contract. Ushta Te shall Limit the subcontractor’s Processing of cliental Personal Information to those purposes necessary to fulfill Ushta Te’s contract with its client. Any PII related to a client shared with the subcontractor would be used in accordance with Data subjects contact preference.

Breach and Reporting

USHTA TE has established Incident reporting process. Whenever any major breach occurs, the ISDM ensures that immediate measures are taken to address the breach. To report any breach, please reach out to the ISDM at

Personal Data Management

Any data subject may demand the following by contacting Ushta Te in relation to the Personal Information held by Ushta Te. Modification of information Request for copy of information Request restriction on distribution (total / partial) Request to be forgotten Any other request under the purview of law The data subject must initiate these requests in writing. The ISDM shall take such requests and ensure the action is taken within 30 working days. The same needs to be communicated to the data subject as per process. In case of any inability, issue the same is reported to the data subject and/ or the relevant authorities as required. Ushta Te ensures to work closely towards meeting any clients specific requirements related to management of PII.