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Ushta Medicare facilitates world class, high quality and affordable medical treatment in Mumbai, India. We also help clients experience the rich natural, cultural and historical facets of India.
Ushta Medicare was formed by professionals from diverse fields who have a combined work experience of over 3 decades. We have on our panel two highly experienced Medical General Practitioners. The panel scrutinizes the medical history of the patients, recommends the course of treatment, the specialist Doctor in the respective ailment, monitors day to day progress of the patients whilst under treatment, and acts as liaison between the patient and the doctors.

Ushta Medicare will make your trip to India as smooth and rewarding as possible, while ensuring that you are given the best possible medical treatment. Our staff will help on conclusion of medical treatment

India has developed into a prime hub of medical treatment offering the best of doctors, state-of-the-art equipment and world-class facilities. It’s financial and commercial capital Mumbai, is topmost preference list.
Patients from all over the world choose to come to Mumbai for treatment that is a fine blend of medical expertise, high standards of medical and nursing care and the extremely cost-effective services that it offers, along with its easy connectivity with all international destinations.
USHTA MEDICARE was formed by professionals from diverse fields who have a combined work word experience of over three decades. We have on our panel highly experienced and respected medical consultants and surgeons. The panel scrutinizes the medical history of the patient that is sent to USHTA MEDICARE and recommend correct course of treatment.
Our team USHTA MEDICARE is liaison between patient and doctor and we have monitor the progress and well-being of the patient at all times.
USHTA MEDICARE works with some of the leading multi- speciality hospitals, among the best in Asia with the most advanced and modern technology and equipments
USHTA MEDICARE has built a reputation of being diligent, efficient, dedicated and totally transparent in all our dealings.
We believe that the well-being of the patient is paramount and realize that the patient’s emotional health plays an important part in their recovery and hence we do our best to be their family while they are with us.